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News Bias

I have been watching events unfold in Crimea and trying to find something resembling unbiased news on the subject. I haven't had much luck. Each channel I watched seemed to start with a story and then find information that told that story rather than presenting all the facts (not speculation) and letting the viewer decide.

This thread is not about UKR but to use that as an example:
The BBC had interviews with UKR soldiers and Tartars who were obviously not happy to see Russian troops. The Russian news interviewed Crimeans of Russian ethnicity who were happy to see Russian troops.

Do other people have the same problem? What do you do?

Then there is the obsession with "live" or "latest". Something fascinating that happened an hour ago is not news but something tedious happening now, is.

Then there is the personality news reader. You get "The Headlines with John Smith" as if JS had some editorial control over what he is reading out. This is clearly not the case because they are live events.

There there is the biased language. It was amazing how quickly the BBC started calling people "insurgents". Anyone they think is guilty of a crime is "suspected" and anyone they think is innocent is "accused".

Is it just me? Am I ranting?

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