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NHS - National Health Service threatens further fragmentation at hand of Brown government

If you are like me.... or possibly a consumer of the service, you'll know that Brown cannot promise anything...... not even the National Health Service.

All those promises, those waving flags at the recent Labour Conference in the UK, as Brown claimed that Labour has saved the NHS...... if anything can be saved again under Labour?

The Brown / Blair plan was always chaos and fragmentation .......

At a grass roots level, PCTs Primary Care Trusts were encouraged to become Commissioners also, and then to be told that they couldn't run services as well! Now the move is to make them all Social Enterprises, and the first steps out of the NHS.

I have to tell you that the demoralization of the people who work in the NHS is on, soon it will be a question who runs and who is working in the NHS.

Now don't get me wrong some outsourcing is good, after all we do it as VAs virtual assistants, but for every clinic letter sent to be stored the next day in India, while I wonder, don't you?

Billions going into the NHS Spine, a computer system that was supposed to save the NHS, that is years behind ETA, due someone to staffing problems.....

Well is it any surprise, 'how safe is the NHS?'

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