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No Photo, No Info, What's the Incentive??

I'm just a little cynically perplexed.

Why join any communicative website if you are not going to participate in the most important basic informative sections?

For example;

1) A photo - For the most of us, wouldn't you say it's safe to acknowledge that we all start with the initial natural human curiosity of visual attraction through image? Looking at a person or ones' photo? Don't you agree? I know for me, I'm more interested in communicating with someone that I can see, put a face to a name. I like looking at someone when I talk to them. I could never accept the typical statement "I don't like to be photographed" That's way too immature. Are we not all mature adults?

2) Why would I want to reach out to communicate with someone who puts absolutely nothing at all down for information about themselves, their interests? What do they have to offer? To me absolutely nothing. They must lead very interesting lives.

3) How about this one, the people with just a name with no photo or information at all? What's that all about? Do they really exist in this world? Do they really have something to hide? Is it a mystery? beats me. Can you fill me in on this one?

Why even be on a communicative website at all taking up room where someone else could fill in who really wants to? Are these people too self -conscience? afraid to show themselves on their exterior and their interior? And for what? For the most part and in all practicality you are not actually physically meeting the other person, are you? Let's say for example, France running over to meet Austrailia? Besides, you should have control over your own actions, don't you? If you don't want to meet someone then you don't have to, right? So, what's the big deal. I don't know and don't get it. Can someone enlighten me, give me a really good reason, a truthful reason?

Keeping in mind that this happens in many of these types of websites online today. How are we suppose to really effectively network life? I'm I alone on this thought? or am I still missing something?

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