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Obama and the limits of Deity


Perhaps a new Barry H Obama thread might be called for. Threads get tired, posters get tired, even Deities get tired when their Works are trivialized as seeking to put a new Congressional Motors auto into every garage in suburbia.

We need to step back, and integrate the exploding money supply, the declining consumer borrowing, the weakened FDIC, the deviancy of ACORN, the booming results of Goldman, and the Stock Markets running for three months from the lip of a crevasse over open water Protected content points below....

Where are our Great Leaders taking us ?

To paradise sketched as a Spring Break Party in Cancun ?

To a couch potato culture mainlining on "good news" (or G_d News) from the froth of Pelosi's Congress ?

To a society where tomorrow "on rase gratis" (as the French put it) ?

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