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Obama: Beauty of his Victory is more than Skin Deep

The inauguration of Obama was a moment in time that captured the hearts and minds of people across the world and regardless of whether that moment instilled hope or fear, it has already been instilled and etched in our historic memory forever.

Barack Obama is the epitomy of the American Dream and yet he is altogether something different. His paradox is pleasing, teasing out our inquisitive nature and most refreshingly of all, reinstalling faith in pure politics for many of us.

The new President of the United States is not perfect; like his audible stutter as he took the oath, a reminder that history ushers in human potential and not an immortal superpower, we cannot expect the impossible. Rather, we can expect to witness policy both national and international that will have an American flavour but with more than a hint of hybrid healing power. Obama offers precision, consideration, delegatory skills and creative problem solving with a promise to make America more likeable and more appealling by going back to its seductive origins, that of Freedom and Justice for All.

As a dedicated cynic, politicians have always held a special place lodged neatly behind my dustbin and the waste disposal, but Obama's firm yet quiet dedication coupled with his acute intelligence and eloquence make him special. Aaah, I hear you say, but isn't that the way everyone felt about Tony Blair, the once British Prime Minister, who like Obama has a legal background and credentials to match? The answer is, for me anyway, no. Where Tony teetered around, Barack strides; where Blair frivolously frolicked in the fields of our exhausted economy, Obama ploughs into the stricken soil to find the answer and that is perhaps the main difference between the two men and the defining distinction that makes Obama unique: he is man of action not just a man of his word.

It would be an understatement to say that I like Obama; I am in awe of him. Despite the likelihood that he will make mistakes, despite the reality that he will disappoint at times and despite the eventuality that his term in office will come to an end, there is a strong presumption in favour of a man who will turn the tides of history and give democracy back its dignity and its future.

What do you think of the new President of the World's current greatest Superpower?

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