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How does the Citizenship by Investment programme work in Turkey?
The applicant shall purchase one or more than one property which total value is 250,000 USD or above, and guarantee not to sell the property at least three years from its purchase. Then, the applicant may participate in the Citizenship by Investment programme.

Steps of the programme:
The first step is obtaining an evaluation report for the property you intend to buy. Beware that it is strictly controlled that you reach the 250.000 USD investment amount by your purchase, so it is important you receive an evaluation report that shows the real value of the property before your purchase. If you are quite sure your investment is over 250.000 USD, then you may get an evaluation report after the purchase. But to minimize risks, we recommend you to get the evaluation report before the purchase. This evaluation can only be done by a firm authorized by the Capital Markets Board.
The second step is the purchase of the property/ properties. By the purchase of the property at the Land Registry Office, the latter sends your documents to the Foreign Services Department of the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate. The Foreign Cadastre will then issue an approval for the applicant if all the criteria are met. This could take approximately one week.
The third step is receiving a residence permit with the approval of the Foreign Registry. You can apply for a special Residence Permit with a validity of one year. Because of your special situation, you will be given a residence permit before you acquire citizenship for you, and your family can stay in the country until the process completed without any problem. This is a temporary situation.
The fourth step is the address registration. When you have a residence permit, you have to register your address at the Populations Registry with the original copy of the title deed.
The fifth step is the citizenship application and registration as a citizen.
Note that your lawyer may realize the purchase on your name without your presence, so you don't need to travel to complete the purchase. The Citizenship procedure is finalized within 45 to 60 days.

2. FAQs
Do my family get Turkish citizenship?
Yes. You, your wife (or husband) and all your children under the age of Protected content the application date) may get citizenship.

Should I buy one property above 250.000 USD or I can buy more than one place?
You can buy several properties whose total value is 250.000 USD or above.

How long does all the process take?
It takes approximately 45 to 60 days.

Will my citizenship be automatically granted when I fulfil the conditions?
No, the citizenship approval depends on the verification of records of national security units. The applicant shall not be considered a threat to national security, which is actually a formal process.

May I buy commercial properties with rental income and get the Turkish Citizenship by Investment?
Yes, any property you buy is counted.

If I do not have time to come to Turkey, can I still get Turkish citizenship?
If you hire an attorney, your attorney may follow up all the process without your presence. You do not need to be here, there is no meeting request with the applicant before citizenship for any kind of evaluation.

How many people may apply on one title deed?
Only one person and his family from the first degree can get citizenship.

Do I need to complete the Turkish military service if I become a Turkish citizen?
No, You are not obliged to do military service.

Which nationalities may apply for the Turkish passport?
All nationalities who are able to buy property in Turkey may apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment.

Is it mandatory to live in Turkey to obtain citizenship?

Is the applicant free to do any job or business in Turkey?
Yes. In professions such as doctors, it is necessary to subscribe to the bar associations regarding special equivalence certificates.

Do I have to renounce my current citizenship when I become a Turkish citizen?
No, Turkish laws allow dual or multiple citizenships. It is up to your own state regulations.

How do I get Turkish citizenship as a "heimatlos" (stateless person)?
When you buy a property of at least 250.000 USD, you can apply to Turkish citizenship with a required document certifying applicant’s statelessness. (Travel document issued by the United Nations).

What if my application is denied after purchase?
If it's denied then you are free to sell your property, but there is no example of denial.

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