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Offshore Filing Requirements Citizens Need to Know


If you have an offshore company if you need to be well familiar with the tax laws that relate to such entities. Although we are going to explore the offshore filing requirements in a comprehensive way in this article, we recommend a consultation with a tax accountant to avoid any unclarity.

What are the types of financial information would the IRS would require you to report? Let’s put this in a few categories.

International Bank and Brokerage Accounts Filing Requirements
One of the most vital pieces of information you must report to the IRS is any offshore bank accounts or brokerage accounts that had $10, Protected content balance) at any point during the year. This is done through the FinCEN Form 114. You are obliged to do that if you are the signor or beneficial of a such account. Failure to meet this offshore filing requirement will cost you a civil penalty of minimum $25,000 and it can go up to $100,000. This penalty can apply for each year of undisclosure. In some cases taxpayers can also face criminal prosecution.

You will need to file an FBAR form and also disclose the accounts on your personal income tax return using Form Protected content , Schedule B.

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Corporate and Trust Filing Requirements
If you have or are a part of an offshore corporation or International Trust there is a number of forms you are required to file.

Form Protected content is an information return, which you will have to file if you are a U.S. person (individual, corporation, partnership, estate or a trust) and:
You own a particular proportion of the stock of a foreign corporation, or
You are a
in a Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC).

Form Protected content , Entity Classification Election - this is not a must, but as a foreign corporation or an LLP, you should consider whether to make an election to be treated as a partnership, corporation or disregarded entity. The due date for filing the election is March 15th.
Form Protected content is an information return required for foreign disregarded entities, which needs to be filed with the personal tax return. If you fail to file this form and you have made an election to be treated as a foreign disregarded entity you are facing a penalty charge of $10,000 for every year you’ve missed.
Form Protected content certain scenarios this form is one of the offshore filing requirements to report transactions with foreign trusts and receipts of specific foreign gifts:
If you have created or transferred money or property to a foreign trust
If you have received any distributions from a foreign trust
If you have received specific gifts from foreign entities.
Form Protected content is one of the offshore filing requirements for U.S. owners or grantors of foreign trusts. If you don’t file the form you can be charged with a penalty charge of 5% of the gross value of your portion in the trust.
Form Protected content is an information return required by 25%-foreign-owned U.S. corporations. Your corporation is 25%-foreign-owned if it had at least one foreign shareholder who owned 25% of shares at any point during the year.
Form Protected content of the offshore filing requirements refers to U.S. persons who transfer a property to a foreign corporation and hold either directly or indirectly at least 10% voting power or value in the corporation. This form and its peculiarities are worth discussing with a tax accountant to get ultimum clarification.
Form Protected content is an offshore filing requirement for anyone with substantial financial assets whether in the U.S. or abroad. This form can also be confusing as to who is required to file, but as a general rule, people who are most likely obliged to file are either:
Taxpayers who live in the U.S. and have interests in assets over $50,000
Taxpayers who live abroad and have assets over $400,000.
You can find all these forms and more on the IRS website. If you need further explanation and clarification on any of the offshore filing requirements, do contact us at Protected content and we will be happy to help.

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