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On a happier note, my Iznajar B&B is going to get editorial in Wye Valley Life !!

I'm very excited! I approached Wye Valley Life a long while ago to ask if they might be interested in some editorial about my journey, life in Córdoba/Granada/Málaga - and having a somewhat "dramatic" life story (you know I'm a Drama Queen - it could never be anything else could it;)) ... I'm delighted to say that the piece I wrote is appearing in the New Year edition :)

I'm rather amazed that they have agreed to be honest - their usual pitch is for companies who are directly affected by the Wye Valley, or people who live in the Wye Valley - and I don't have a Wye Valley B&B ... but I did get to mention that I DO have my own Guest House in Andalucia - and I believe there may even be a link to it :)

So, if you haven't got your copy of Wye Valley Life ordered, and you'd like to read a little about what we are and what we do, you know where to find it ;)

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