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Online Dating (is like cancer) ?


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Let me start by my experience, often and oddly, I signed up with online dating but has never actually paid for monthly subscription ever. I just don't believe in paying to meet people. With Tinder (since it is free), I met a few - Protected content can immediately tell the first signs of lie without even meeting.

The expatriates community is not immune from this phenomenon. The Middle East have a huge community of expats. I've heard from friends of how relationship started only to find out that he or she has a gf or bf, or worse, has a wife or husband, back home.

In San Francisco, where I am based, I've heard of people posting their photos that was captured 25 years ago, status, home, income or education that did not exist...all for an instant ego-boosting.

Some people starts long distance relationship(s), bringing a trash wife or husband in America, or, the wife or husband going to America, only to find out that their partner was not the person they thought they were....

It is creeping up in our society like cancer.

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How our society have become? Even in our day-to-day personal relationship, lying may impact the economy, may impact the job market and may affect our good community for generations to come.

Is internet good for dating? Only time will tell.

So share away your thoughts .....................

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