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Own Regional or Network Money, for Internations?


Own Regional or Network Money, for Internations?

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I am considering this would be an interesting alternative for internations, what do you think? to have our own money? or to join a regional or network money network?

The regional money seems to be a great solution

here an article i wrote for The Regio Network


” Since Protected content am dedicated to the enhancement of the way corporations, not profit organizations and cities develop and how they take responsibility of their own actions.

Looking for an holosustainable way of living, and for enhancing holosustainability globally, it is absolutly necessary that everyone that is taking responsibility in the field of creation of a consciouss and sustainable earth for future 9 generations, realize that the balance between local and global holosustainability will create an stable self organized, consciouss and inteligent development.

The Regio, is probably one of the most powerful, and at the same time simple, solutions, easily available and worth to be replicated world wide.

The use of local and or regional or network money, ensure that the flow of collaboration between locals keep being nurtured, as well as their capacity to engage in future collective developments.

Through the regio, its users become inmediatly aware of the local economy and its importance, making it possible for them to give inmeditaly value to local partners, customers, creativity, innovation, production. For sure, a following strategy that ensure the holosustainability of local developments and collaboration start to take more importance.

As a tool to rise awareness indirectly, the regio show another one of its wonderful benefits, as a medicine that wake us up from a state of hypnosis or dreaming.

Most part of the time, we loose completly the perspective of what our location or region needs, as we are more and more use to consume international products, services and brands, which means that our “money” (the number that represents an accounting of the accumulation of efforts, accomplishments and energy invested in the market based on money) will be sent to many diferent locations and organizations around the world, instead of nurturing the development of for example: local farmers, artists, educatores, innovatores, entrepreneurs or well being of local families and development of local services.

In our modern world, corporate replace the function of empires and self organized world religions, in the sense of property, employees, or followers, and management of wealth.

In modern times, corporate have been looking and creating new innovative solutions for reducing their local and then global costs, for example outsourcing, online offices, or relocation in countries that provide razonable legal and tax conditions but as well low operations costs. But as well, local governemnts found important to receive immigrants to fill out working positions and empower a productive force that national or locals are unable or unwilling to take care for.

It is at this time unavoidable to deal with a multicultural development, and there for also a multilocation strategy.

Not onl the study and perception of other cultures envolved in the global process of change is important, but also the ability to bring together the essence and most important capacities and abilities of them for the future.

There for development and holosustainability should not be limited to culture, geography, belief, education, but becoming able to integrate intention selfresponsibility, awareness and consciousness, of the world citizens that choose to empower the locations they live at, but at the same time rise awareness and collaborate with a global change, and participate actively as traveleres or online entrepreneurs into a global community.

The same can be applied to corporate, when coprorate find a way to care and take responsibility for the locations they operate at or bring the knowledge from, and decide to enhance their management and corporate responsibility strategies, to support the location.

I also find, personally, as a foreigner living in Germany, the regio gives me the possibility to participate in the care of a local and holosustainable development, as well as to support a country that as any other one world wide, will need to face soon or later the challenges of a process into global holistic sustainability.

As holosustainability consultant and elements management creator (Human heart based technology and nature principles), i am use to suggest to organizations and development teams, that in order to facilitate a process of self organization, and natural self development, it is just one arrow necessary. An arrow has the function to open doors, clear pathways and facilitate conditions, enviornment and process for accomplishing a particular kind and quality of development. This arrow, in this case is the REGIO.

There are for sure many arrows that world change activatores are able and skilful to use, the regio and similar strategies, are some of them.

As a holoentrepreneur, running more than one business in Germany, and as a change maker, innovating into the way corporations manage their own development and enhance their ways of taking responsibility over their own actions and influence into the location, i feel more than joyful and greatful for the possibility of joining the REGIO network, and for the opportunity of providing services and asking for them, in REGIO.

I would like to suggest and recommend to everyone, not only in the region Hessen in Germany, but to any individual or community looking for an holosustainable future, that a strategy like the regio, is probably one of the most wonderful ways to create a bridge into a world without need of money, as it enhances local awareness of the meaning of human collaboration and responsibility over own local economy and development.

Changes need to be done with awareness and consciousness, small steps help humanity focus their atention to greatest values. For some probably to avoid to use money, would be possible as an instantaneus and inmediate change. But for others, it is necessary first to realize the other values they are surrounded by (which the use of money have been blinding them of) before they take decisions that will change their whole life, before they follow a new set of ideas and beliefs towards a globalized world with a new kind of economy in which holosustainability is wished.

The regio help people release the hypnosis of money and consumming, and focus on the value of network, collaboration and local economy. From that state of awareness, a world without money is closer.

I wish everyone to consider start their own alternative, regional, local or network money systhem, integrate it with exchange or trading network and gift network, to finally find out how collaboration will fill out that space, field in our life, that have not been nurtured, but that was wishing for an opportunity to live and develop. Human heart based networks!

Wishing you a wonderful bridging experience into an holosustainable future

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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