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Pain and Cause


I’ve lived abroad, but back in the Netherlands for a few years now. I work and live in Amsterdam in the Jordaan . 80% of the people who come to see me are expats.

And it is touches my heart that they are so responsible and also take a lot of hay on their fork, this is a Dutch expression for taking on more work then they can handle : ).

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What also strikes me is that they always think that it's normal to suffer from pressure, tension and pain.

I always point out that “pain in the body.

and i mean for example:

Pain in the neck
Pain in the back
Pain in arm or hand

Is Not Normal! and yess it is caused by stress and and pressure but constant pressure is really unhealthy and causes multiple problems.

And also that this suffering is NOT a part of the job!

Lots of people come to me with complaints such as pressure and pain.

Most people suffer from these symptoms , but apparently expats more because they have to deal with situations different from others.

The pain can be treated easily, although some pain is stubborn and a long period of suffering starts.

But these pains for example in the neck, jaw or shoulder can be easily treated within minutes with a unblocking method.

But much more interesting is when we start working on the mind /body connection that other complaints such as homesickness uncertainty and frustration can be resolved too.

And that is the source of where the pain comes from.

A continuous unhealthy pressure on the muscle has a bad influence on the blood circulation that will repeatedly cause pain in your body.

If you like to know how this can work for you? Then let me know and send me a D M.

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