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Pentagon to remove ban on women in combat


Pentagon to remove ban on women in combat

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My personal opinion:

US Army will suffer more casualties in an ambush and firefight when they have girl soldiers in the team for MEN will get distracted in an ambush / firefight and spend 50% of their time taking care of girl soldiers. A very wrong decision by US Army for when a girl soldier will get injured in a firefight or in an ambush will the squad / platoon / company containing men will they be able to focus on the firefight or like gentlemen tend to the woman who is injured. Combat zones is about psychological edge over the enemy, with US Army girl soldiers all the terrorists need to do to is to ambush US Army soldiers and hurt girl soldiers and all men soldiers will rush to take care of the injured girl soldier and hence US Army will suffer more casualty. Will it be worth it. Think about it.

Because combat zones are about psychological warfare that is why 7.62 was down-scaled to 5.56. Remember. Does it ring a bell.

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