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Performing surveys in Developing Countries

Hi all,

I work for a start up that performs development work in India. One main area that we focus on is collecting ground level data on micro-markets (village level economic data). We have a sizable amount of data in India but are trying to branch out globally. In the coming months I will be traveling to multiple countries and performing surveys of certain rural areas of Asia, South America, and Africa.

I don't really know too much of the legalities of doing such surveys in rural areas of developing countries. If anyone has any tips or suggestions on how one goes about it I would be most grateful!

A tentative list of countries so far is below. Any tips on navigating the legal arena in any of these countries would be much appreciated. THANK YOU! Feel Free to message me as well.

- Brazil
- Colombia
- Peru
- Mexico
- South Africa
- Mozambique
- Zambia
- Kenya
- Tanzania
- Egypt
- SW China
- Vietnam
- Thailand
- Indonesia

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