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Perils of pillow talk

This can be an interesting awakening for the follies and bungles that we men fall into when we pillow talk. Now, our macho-self is not going to make the interlude boring so we have a fatuous tendency and foolhardiness to tell all.

You should not lose your better senses all because you have been dazed and confused by avidity. That’s the time when the average bloke tends to leak out all his secrets especially the nicer and more promising-sounding ones. More than often, these unwittingly include incriminating secrets as well.

The funny thing is, even alcohol don’t work that well. Some will discuss ongoing business deals way before consummation with the tendency to brag. Some complain bitterly about their rivals and enemies while at the same time naively and inadvertently give away their own weaknesses.

Some might retort how stupid their bosses are and most likely how they managed to dupe, hoodwink or take advantage of them. Some may talk about their work and relay gossips from the office. Do you expect professionals not to ever infringe on patient or client confidentiality and pillow talk about some of their most remarkable encounters? What kind of loony tunes might psychiatrists sing? What about the financial consultant who made obscene amounts of money simply by choosing not to go straight?

You are likely to tell all except for perhaps your indiscretions with other women since that could be treading on thin ice.

Sometimes it may be because you need a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes it may be because you are looking for support, reassurance, consolation and encouragement - while sometimes it could well be because you have nothing else better to say. So to keep the blabbering going, you got careless. Most of the time, you do it because you just wanted to show her how clever and resourceful you are.

Ladies have a tendency to let their men talk and even if they are not listening, they at least pretend to be. About the only time they are taking charge and conducting pillow talk is when they have rebuttals, suggestions or worse still, some issues, complaints or chores to raise. No, she isn’t telling but listening intently and yes, asking pertinent questions as well. Whom among us men have been so darn lucky with gaining privileged information such as how much exactly she has in the bank or stashed away as a result of pillow talk? Or the inventory of her jewelry collection in the safe deposit box at the bank?

To her, these are non-issues because insofar as you are concerned, these do not exist! She is most unlikely to tell at any time at all. Incidentally, she might capitalize on timing and insurrect some maneuvers where in the process gain more concessions all because you are in a telling mode.

Yet, men keep on repeating this mistake by talking too much. Time and again, they obligingly do or simply forget that they shouldn’t. Then one fine day their relationship hit a brick wall and things start to crumble. Your lover, your spouse and your world has now become a peculiar adversary. She is not your enemy yet you are fighting against her.

Any relationship only lasts for so long. The question is a matter of time before things slide or whether you might croak first. Either way, that spells the end. Some end in a civil manner. Some end with lots of hurt and fountains of tears. Some end bitterly while some end wrenchingly acrimonious.

Now, all of a sudden your secrets aren’t so safe anymore. Even your safe deposit box has become so unsafe.

Well, doesn’t the macho man always end up picking up the tab? Talking about prenuptial agreements is easy. If you are a celebrity, that’s fine but if you were just a simple bloke, you’d surely face the ever-present line of: “what’s the matter, don’t you love me. Don’t you trust me”? Soon to follow would be a heart-scrubbing third-degree and you end up feeling more miserable and belittled than when you started. By the time she is through with you, you would have fabricated that it was your stupid buddy’s idea in the first place.

Wealthy people have more problems because they have more assets. So when break-ups occur, they can get bitterly rancorous. Soap operas are inspired by these real-life events. This more than often wreaks havoc to peoples’ lives. If you were a politician, it may well be a prelude to your downfall. If you were a financier and tampering with the books, dipping into dormant accounts or laundering for the mob, then you are probably going to look at jail time. If you have been involved in insider trading, a similar fate might await you. If you have taken bribes, just the same but if you were a wealthy gangster then she might be taking flight and joining the Witness Protection Program.

My suggestion is to be dreamy in pillow talk. Talk about your dreams of retiring on a beautiful tropical island that when you are near redundant and abjectly impotent that you still intend to chase the village maidens around!

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