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Philosophy Of Life

Philosophy of Life.

Strong believer in GOD. Since childhood have been taught to respect all religions and I follow it. Be it Church, Mosque , Gurudwara, Monastary, Buddhist Temple or any religious place like to pray since get peace of mind.

Motto : Life is precious not to be wasted, but make it more meaningful by filling colors in others life.
Desire : 3 things in life - Peace, Health, Joy for self and all.
Peace of mind can be achieved when one is content with what ever one has since Universally the common need of the richest and the poorest person is :
Two Times Daily Bread to Fill the Stomach at a given point of time,
Just 6 feet x 3 Feet space to Sleep (Even if it is a palace) ,
few metre of cloth to cover the body.

If the mind is at peace good health automatically accompanies the body a

If one has peace of mind with good health Joy automatically pours in, and in true sense he is the Richest man on this earth.

Content does not mean to sit idle but to strive, work hard with possitive attitude to achive practical in life instead of running only behind Money at the cost of dear ones but parallely performing his duties towards parents, wife, kids, friends, society.

Hard work and charity never goes waste it is repayed and one gets lot of good things un expectedly which give more joy and happiness.

Eat Natural - Be Natural since someone has well said thou eat thou mind. The source of energy from any type of food is glucose which is chemically same irrespective of vegetarian food or non vegetarian food. I am not against any type of food eaters but yes to some extend one should try to eat natural foods to keep the body naturally fit. It helps to control our mind thoughts in possitive direction to some extent.

Every small blessing counts so do'nt hurt anybodies heart, try to pray for others, search joy and happiness in others. Be possitive which generates an aoura of possitive thoughts around onself and the possitive wavelength always have good results in all walks of life be it in social or family of business

May God give us right Mind to do the right thing. .

Run free training centre at Ajmer (In stiching / seiwing of bags, clothes etc) to train Protected content (every 3 months) of widow, poor to get themselves self employed in , a small effort towards the society we live in.

Worried about the environment. Request to All Please Plant More Trees, Use Less Paper make this earth more green., Make the rivers Pollution Free.

Any body feeling low in life, will try to help him out.

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