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political direction

Empowerment is basically a process to assist people groups, families and communities, individuals, to use their strengths to overcome their challenges by using the tools and resources around them.

Personal empowerment refers to a person's ability of competence, strength and ability to affect change. It indicates a subjective state of mind, experiencing a sense of control and feeling competent within themselves. It is focused on ways to develop personal power and self efficacy.

Interpersonal empowerment refers to person's ability to influence others. It comes from two sources, first based on social status- race, class, gender, sex. Second power comes from learning new skills and securing new positions. It includes successful interactions with others and regards other people hold for us.

Political empowerment refers to person's relationship with political structures. It refers to the process of transferring resources, capabilities and positions to people who do not possess them. It stresses the goals of social action and social change and intends to transfer power to the society while maintaining the individuality.

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