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Politicians and the New World Order

Politicians and Minions in Modern Society
Paul Michael Coleman
University of Westminster, London

The Political construction of the modern world is in a Bad Place. For so many centuries and millennia the many peoples, countries, tribes and factions of the human populations fought against each other in continuous state of war, from ancient times such as Persia v Greece, to Roman conquests all the way to modern European Imperialism, in particular the British Empire leading to the emergence of the global domination of the USA dovetailed by the two world wars, and so on bringing us to current times in 21st Century late modernity, still witnessing continuous conflicts. So don’t even attempt to say that this is an incorrect conclusion.

ALL the responsibility for these occurrences stems from Political Leaders, wither they be a King or Queen, a President or Prime Minister or a Sheikh or a Mullah or a General and Dictator etc. So what must we the general population think? What actions can we engage to influence this?

How many governments are elected to do one thing and then do a complete U-Turn once they gain power? How many in fact make themselves Lifetime Presidents or Rulers, employing the state police or armies and secret police to maintain this Status Quo?

This is the real Problem! The people in the middle . . . Once these security forces agree to co-operate with corrupt politicians then EVERYONE suffers. Yes, the ENTIRE COUNTRY loses out heavily. And for what?? Just to herd the population into a submissive hegemonic state of acceptance of the situation. This is why they are scornfully labeled ‘Minions’. Without Minions corrupt politicians could NOT exist.

The most ‘benign’ form of minion are the ‘Civil Servants’ who seemingly act as buffers between governments and peoples. How many of these people witness scurrilous deeds being done in order to ‘control’ an entire nation and simply sit back and allow it to happen. “When a good man sees evil and does nothing, then evil will proliferate.” This set-up goes all the way up to Police and Armies ‘Enforcing’ the rule of corrupt Politicians. For me, there is NO DIFFERENCE between these two examples. Silent complicity (passive acceptance) or Total Participation (active engagement) are equal bedfellows in the continued proliferation of corrupt politicians.

So what do we do as a general population? As for me, I just want to live out a peaceful life doing the things I Love, Family, Home, a reasonable income, Music, friends, travel, entertainment, nature, enjoying the beauty of existence.

The best I can do for now is to open a detailed Forum Discussion on the matter.

Remember a country is its People, NOT its Oligarchic Rulers that you have in most Western Countries. The people are the Soul of a country.

Politicians and Rulers are mere Servants . . .

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