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Politics & Society "Lite"

This Politics & Society section deals mostly with macro-issues: NATIONAL politics, MAJOR religions, societies AT LARGE. Posters tend to have strong personal opinions on those issues, and often those opinions lead to personal abuse. That's not good.

Of course we are all influenced in our beliefs by practised propagandists - including our parents in our formative years. As we get older, we interpret the propaganda according to our personal experiences and inclinations. If ever we change our opinions, it is NEVER because of some argument we read on this forum!

I wonder if it would be more productive of sensible conversation if we forswore some of our posts on macro-issues and commented on what we know at first hand. Let the mass media sort out the former. In the interests of fair enquiry, I looked over my own blog-posts for the past three or four months, and came up with a representative list of what I mean by "what we know at first hand". Beginning with my most recent post, the topics were:
- my island-community's politics and economy in crisis
- three generations' attitude to sex
- my own life's "turning point"
- ancestral scandals
- a visit to Cuba
- my community's indentured-labour policy
- our local Police Force's public image
- a couple of my experiences as a housefather
- my experience with "young men's cars"
- memories of our life on a Pacific island

All ten of the "first-hand" topics offer themselves to other IN members, whose observations of THEIR micro-communities' vices and virtues, and THEIR families' experiences in various parts of the world, are surely no less interesting than mine. I for one would very much like to read about them on this thread.

Any offers?

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