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Population Solutions

For all the issues we face today many of them stem from a world population that is impossible for Earth to sustain at its present growth & consumption (need I list the environmental crises we face?). I'd like to hear what people think are some solutions to this problem.

It is such a fundamental problem yet those in power seem not to want to talk about it probably for fear of backlash from many sources such as those who follow religions that give full license to have as many children as they possibly can & those that fear (quite rightly so) the state taking over family's choices, such as China's One Child policy. This policy is the most drastic one & it's clearly curbed Chinese population growth, but the full effect of a nation of "little emperors" is yet to be seen. I for one, living in China, am aghast at how insolent these little brats are! What kind of society will they create?!

So, what is the answer?! I, for one, feel the world needs to educate its people far more on population control (possibly with the rare exception of those countries declining in population). Many in developed countries look at developing nations & cast blame on parents who have children they can't afford, but don't consider that their child, living a comfortable Western lifestyle has far larger "ecological footprint" than a child in a poor nation.

I adopted my daughter. It was a choice I made for many reasons. I feel that if we, as Earthlings, stop having more than 2 children (one per parent) & adopt as many children as we are willing/able, we would be able to live more sustainably, not to mention brighten a lot of children's lives. However, I understand this is a very simplistic solution on the surface, but a huge issue underneath (culturally, legally...).

I apologize for my scattered thoughts/opinions on this topic. It is a subject I am very interested in, but don't have any formal knowledge of. It is also one I think should be a top priority for the global community. Therefore, I am very interested to hear other thoughts from people likely more educated in population growth/control & its effects/solutions than I.

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