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Potentially moving to Ullanbaatar!

Hi all,

I am currently living and working in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have a potential job offer in Ullanbaatar, starting March Protected content . I am wondering what ex-pat life is like in Mongolia? Particularly, what is winter like? How much does the cold and air pollution affect daily life in UB?

I am assuming being outdoors in the depths of winter is almost impossible? If so, what do people do for entertainment? Does the weather, and having to always be indoors bother people? Do people experience seasonal depression?! How about during the beginning and end of winter, when it's not subzero temps - can you exercise outside, or does the air pollution make this uncomfortable?

I am essentially trying to decide how 'liveable' UB would be, as I am not sure I want to endure another "difficult" year after Dhaka!

Any advice welcomes, and thanks in advance :)


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