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PR Exec Fired over HIV/AIDS Tweet - AIDS in EU


I had dinner with a fellow Internations colleague, from a country somewhere in EU.
When I happened to mention some of my interests including raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, he asked,
"What is HIV?"
I paused a bit in case he was joking but it turned out he wasn't familiar with the term...indeed, he was being genuine.

I believe he's blessed to be in this position somewhat because it indicates that this isn't a concern in the Western EU country he's from?

However, it made me pause to ask whether this was perhaps one of the reasons why HIV/AIDS is on the decline in the hardest hit territories but is rising steadily in EU?
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What are the national/ community and personal/individual perceptions of HIV/AIDS in your country of nationality,
residence or frequent travel?

Any thoughts, questions, experiences or observations on HIV/AIDS welcome on the thread. Including solutions - controversial or otherwise:
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