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Preparing For The Changes Unfolding On The Planet

Peace and Light to all!

With so many uniquely different, yet equally beautiful people across this network, I am hoping that this message will resonate with at least a few people. Respecting the fact that there will be those who choose not to resonate with my work or message, I will merely introduce it, and if people are curious or interested in knowing more, then can contact me.

My work is A Greenprint For LIFE, and I am a Visionary Consultant on Galactic, Global, and Inner Peace/Healing Issues. I also do unofficial LIFE-Counselling while offering presentations and lectures on all that is unfolding across the planet at this time.

Shifts are happening in all aspects at this time: cosmic; geo-physical; geo-political; economical; scientific, religious, spiritual and energetic, right down to the very core of our physical bodies.

Many are experiencing things that they are unfamiliar with, and do not fully understand. They know 'something' is happening but may not be able to place a finger on it. They may find they suddenly dislike certain foods, or are feeling unfulfilled with their job/career and possibly even in their current relations, professional and personal.

We are witnessing a lot of truth being revealed globally about the banking system, the 'legal' system, the geo-political structures and the shifting human and planetary consciousness.

Profound shifts and changes are happening and will continue. If you are one who is aware of all that I have written, and have been wanting to find a way to introduce this awareness into your organizations, or possibly even into your personal LIFE-path, perhaps I may be able to assist. I am not looking to 'sell' to any who are neither interested nor ready. I am merely here and ready to work with those who already understand or are wanting to understand better what is now happening.

If you are looking to introduce a new energy/vibration into your organization, I am confident I can help. The negative energies worldwide are in the process of being rooted out, and the people of the world are now beginning to see how humans and the planet have been held in enslavement. A new consciousness of higher energies is rising, and these are the energies that will help businesses to thrive in the new world that is in the process of being born. We are also in the process of becoming a galactic civilization, and this is going to help radically change and improve our planet in the not-too-distant future.

If you wish to bring me to your location, I would love this, but we can also try to work out other online solutions if necessary. We can discuss how my work may be able to help people understand and grasp these changes without fear.

Galactic, global and inner peace/healing begins with a choice - a choice made by you!

Peace and blessings to all!
Geoffrey West
Visionary Consultant - Galactic, Global and Inner Peace/Healing Issues
LIFE-Counsellor, Lecturer
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