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President Obama will be announcing . . .

The following may be of interest to all INTERNATION members in NY and throughout the U.S. We are not sure how to disseminate it to them.

Administrative Relief is the form that President Obama has chosen for implementing U.S. immigration law reform. He will make the announcement from the White House tonight. Administrative Relief comes in the form of Deferred Action such as DACA and Parole-in-Place. There is really nothing new about Deferred Action. It has been a part of the powers of the Executive Branch of Government for years. Other Presidents like Bush and Reagan have used these powers. The U.S. immigration law is broken. Families have been separated and the law does not allow for enough highly-skilled workers to come to the U.S. to allow us to stay on the cutting-edge in the technology field. Stay tuned for how President Obama is going to reform the U.S. immigration laws . . .

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