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Promoting Peace Through Dialog - International Sem

Dear friends,

It would be the first time that Global Majority Seminar is coming to the Holly Troubled Land!

Please check the basic info and register at Protected content ...

The seminar is intended for graduate students and last year undergrad students interested in conflict resolution, peace studies, etc., from all over the world, and especially from the Middle East, Mediterranean, Balkans, Turkey and Armenia.

Sulaiman, my friend, and I would be here to welcome you, along with Global Majority professors and stuff, and helpful local professors and stuff, including IPCRI ( Check out another event you can take part while here: Protected content - in this event you'll meet dozens, if not hundreds of the grassroots peace activists here in Palestine/Israel. You can also present at these workshops - lecture, screen a film, facilitate a dialog, hold a discussion - be creative! But register!

I took the Global Majority Seminar myself last year in Amman, Jordan, and can recommend it. Sulaiman and me would tale you also on field study tours to Ramallah, Bethlehem, Hebron, Sdrot, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and more. There would be Palestinian and Israeli professors explaining about the complicated conflict and ways to go to resolve it; a renown professor from North Ireland to teach what could be learned from the North Ireland experience; a renown professor from Japan to teach about intercultural affairs; professor from Sarajevo will bring her own experiences, and much more. And most of all, this would be a rare opportunity to talk, interact, and have fun with like-minded people from around the world.

Don't forget to register now at the links above, as the decisions will be made soon. We realize that the full price is beyond most people's abilities, so if you need financial assistance - please indicate that and Global and us would do our best to bring you here despite the financial difficulties. Please indicate also what portion of the price and travel expenses could you pay, so that we could help more than only a very few deserving applicants.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you here soon,

Gadi Kenny

Co Founder
People's Peace Fund

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