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Protests all over the Islamic world explained.

What people around the world have to understand about The Prophet Mohamed is this; Muslims believe in two things that are very dear to them, first, the holly book (The Quran) second the teachings and example of The Prophet Mohamed. By utilizing so called free speech to defame a figure like the prophet is insulting the very core of each Muslim around the world. We all should have the right to agree or disagree as long as we have mutual respect for each other, we are all humans.

How come no one complains about the FIFA soccer rule that forbids players of displaying or making political statements? isn't that robbing the players of free speech? However, I believe FIFA is making the right decision to sensor players from making such statements as to not inspire hatred. I believe the same can be said about anyone who attacks or defames religious figures whether it's Moses, Jesus, Mohamed, virgin Mary or any of the prophets that God sent us. Muslims hold The Prophet Mohamed dear, if you as a Christian don't care about Jesus or you as a Jew don't care about Moses and can tolerate people defaming these prophets, I really think you have issues and need to look closer at your faith, but I don't think that gives you the right to insult another person's core beliefs.

On the other hand people in the Muslim world need to understand that because some idiot makes a movie or cartoon or something insulting to us, it doesn't mean they speak or represent the nation they live in. Attacking an embassy of the country that person is from doesn't make any kind of sense and our own Prophet Mohamed taught us to use diplomacy and exercise restraint. There are other channels to voice your anger or protest peacefully.

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