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Racist nightclubs in Germany – watch out folks!


Germany is a great country but there is one very bizarre thing that few of the natives want to talk about. If you’re not a white person, the nightlife in most major cities can be very hostile. Back in July Protected content I moved to Dusseldorf me (originally from Iran), a Brazilian friend and some other friends from Sweden went for a night out. The bouncers let all my white Swedish friends in without any problem but the Brazilian guy and I were not let in without being told why. Even though we pointed out that they let everybody else in but us and asked for a reason they refused and told us to leave. On another occasion exactly same thing happened and I never tried the nightlife in Dusseldorf again. I was told by some that they didn’t let us in because “we look Turkish” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Back at the hostel I found out that the guy from Thailand would also be refused in and the cleaning guy from Africa had stopped even trying as the bouncers had told him they don’t let any black people in. One nightclub that stood out worse than others is called “Kuhstall” in the Altstadt, its extremely discriminatory with regards to racial preference.

I spoke to the police about it and they told me this is happening in all major cities in Germany and they can’t do anything because of the German laws for restaurant and bar owners. It had even happened to one of their own colleague when they were out one night as he is a bit dark skinned and was refused entry.

Moving to Cologne didn’t get that much better even though it is known for being a liberal and open-minded city. It’s unfortunately similar but subtler so I ended up going to nightclubs in the suburbs instead of the city centre as it’s a bit more relaxed.

This practice is a major cause for tension and unnecessarily hurting a lot of people. Parties are meant to connect people not to make others feel disavowed and rejected. It felt like many ignored this subject or tried to excuse it as trivial but Germany is too beautiful to go through something like this again, it doesn’t need to relive it.

To all of you who want to do something about it I suggest a group of guys get together, use a hidden camera while trying to get in to clubs and upload the clip on twitter, facebook etc to shame those idiots.

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