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Rats Develop Heroin-Like Addiction To Junk Food

not really news - I guess everyone has watched the now famous documentary "Super Size Me" Protected content , which tried to prove that fast food can be "physiologically addictive and physically harmful." but what's new in this study is the widening of the definition of what "junk food" is: low-nutrient, high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar (that would include meat and dairy mainly) as opposed to the high-nutrient, low-calorie "salad option".
this study neatly explains the vehement opposition any proposals to go vegan are getting not only here on InterNations.

A new study out of U.S. shows that rats develop a heroin-like addiction to junk food. The study says pleasure centers in the brains of the rats get addicted to high-fat, high-calorie diet becoming less responsive, forcing rats to consume more junk food.
“This is the most complete evidence to date that suggests obesity and drug addiction have common neurobiological underpinnings,” says study coauthor Paul Johnson of the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, Fla.

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