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Rebuilding Burma


Dear all,

two days ago I had the chance to watch the new Rambo IV, which besides being, IMHO, the best movie ever (extremly well elaborted characters and easy to follow plot line), I couldn't help but to notice the subtle social criticism directed at the government of Burma, and to my surprise I whole-heartedly agree with the message.

In Burma, or Myanmar, buddhist monks don't burn themselves in protest, because they are too poor to afford the necessary gasoline, which is under tight control of a slightly oppressive military regime.

Now, as member of the global elite, which I consider myself and only a few of you to be part of, I believe this can no longer be tolerated and that it is our moral obligation to actively intervene and stop this wrong asap.

For this purpose I have initiated an exclusive investment fund, in collaboration with the Carlyle Group, called 'Rebuilding Burma'. The investment goal of this fund is to achieve supernatural returns by a.) extracting and selling the natural resources Burma has to offer, and b.) to invest in the means to clear the way to engage in a.).

It is a country rich in natural resources, including petroleum, natural gas, copper, tin precious stones and heroin, ensuring a steady flow of profitable cash flows for those who are ready to take control of this hitherto badly managed economy.

Once the fund's target capital has been reached, 'Rebuilding Burma' will hire several private security firms and equipment to replace the current management
of Burma and privatise its industry. The fund does not intend to exercise any political power except in the initial phase and until a theocratic government lead by the local monks has been formed. Nevertheless, the fund reserves the right to interfere in the political decision making process if it sees such action necessary in order to safeguard its economic interests.

The prospectus of this fund is available in 5 different languages, but due to the excusivity of the fund can only be sent to a limited number of serious investors.

Best regards,


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