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Reflection on the influence of Tao Te Ching in Ger

1. Frankfurt Book Fair sharing
The Frankfurt book fair has become the world's largest and most important book Trade Center. It’s a grand gathering of the world book industry. It‘s also known as the world's cultural weather vane and the world's publishers of the Olympic games.
Teacher NiZi, who has just returned from the Frankfurt Book Fair, will share the details of the book fair with us from a unique perspective.
2.The influence of moral principles on Germans
The image of germans as avid readers has gained popularity. In fact, people under 30 are the most enthusiastic readers among all age groups. For young germans, reading is as popular as their beer. The Tao Te Ching is popular in Germany, where almost every four families have one.
Teacher NIZi, with her unique experience, talked about the influence of tao te ching in Germany in the actual communication with many germans
3. How to communicate with foreigners and feel Chinese culture and the status of Chinese books in foreigners' mind during the communication
Chinese culture is going international, more and more foreigners begin to focus on Chinese culture. As Chinese, how do we communicate with foreigners and how do we recognize the status of Chinese culture and Chinese books in their mind?
4. How to conduct cultural exchange and promotion
The collision of Chinese and western cultures is an inevitable trend. How to go out of Chinese culture is a question we want to discuss.

Time: Nov. 10(Sun.) 14: Protected content
Location: Shoucheng International, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Activity details: exchange our own experience, share our own views. In the free talk, we can exchange our ideas, improve personal spiritual realm, expand the dimension of thinking.
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