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regarding relocating to the Europe

Hello All,
I am looking towards various options for moving to the Europe, for expanding my career avenues. Apart from studying in universities and TEFL course, is there any other work options available especially for a non EU citizen.
As such I am a computer science grad with a 3.5 yrs work experience with Ericsson global. I am now looking towards rediscovering my writing and outdoing my skill-sets on communication as well as passions. As such there are limited opportunities in India , and my current home location does not have a Internations group to interact with.(Hyderabad). So please suggest any and all information to move forward. I have heard of critical skills visa for South Africa and was wanting to know if there is something similar for EU countries. Also please tell me what are procedures. I have not found much information on this.
I have been to Madrid, Bahrain on work basis, so living outside is not difficult.

Any and all leads appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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