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Religion-distraction in administration of a nation

Inspired by my exchanges with IN friends and also other non IN friends, i began to think that religion is a subject that should be simplified and standardized around the world, especially in the context of governance and administration of a nation

basically every lawmaker in a every country needs to ensure that their decisions can last as long as possible and considerations need to be long-term kind

but even so i would think that these decisions will revolve around humankind only,no?
so i think this should be the essence of every considerations including on religion
religions under the scope of lawmakers should not be more than just another mass organization
it needs to be standardized and be in line with the law or even give in to national interests
for example to build a casino in Indonesia which is a moderate-muslim country
now this is just an idea by a friend of mine and not officially submitted
but i would imagine that the outrage and the negativity coming from the muslim organizations all over in indonesia will be great and swift

but this is a decision that would serve my country well
as it did in singapore
as it did in malaysia genting
as it did in macao
raking in foreign money like crazy with minimum risk and cost
provided discentives are set for the locals like for example high entrance fee for locals
and for those who fear morality will be corrupted? well seems not with all the examples we have so far

so religion and religious traditions
moral code set by God
well ok thats what the believers say
but what about those who doesnt believe the same??

the reality is its more dangerous to view religions and beliefs of people as another different higher categor than mass organizations
to what extent are government supposed to accomodate this special category??
closing out on certain options may cost billions of dollars of foreign profits
not to mention security concerns like muslim headscarf which is already being banned in UK
what if a person's belief start coming on strong and imposing on others' situation???
when is the limit to that?

all these can only go away if governments start viewing religion fairly, as it is, people with the same beliefs, people with their own beliefs , a mass organization . period.

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