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religious values vs. long-distance relationships

I am a christian-orthodox and I've been in a relationship with a reformed protestant for 1.5 year now. We are of different nationalities (both in Europe luckily ^_^), our relationship has been long-distance pretty much, due to studies and work -- we meet on average every two-three months for about 2 weeks. And we are more and more fascinated and very in love ^_^. The fact that we are each of a different religion has not bothered us so far, but it seems it might bother other people (parents perhaps not so much, but in the societal aspect of community-religion link).

Our religions seem to have different ways of tackling issues such as marriage for example (orthodox cannot theoretically marry reformed protestants). This is puzzling to me, because then thinking of deeper religious values that my family has had roots in (Christian values, beliefs) AND the global world we live in, it forms a paradox between the two. Here though I don't mean to be insensitive to the religious values and traditions that exist.. (and I appologize if I bother anyone).

I am curious from your experiences, how you tackle such religious differences later in the relationship in as many aspects as possible: relations with your boyfriend/girlfriend's parents, marriage thoughts, marriage, kids, and all sorts of such planning, even the community you would live in together later on.

I thank you in advance for any thoughts you would share! :)

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