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Russia to Canada

Hi everyone. Haven't been here in a bit. Ok I have been talking to someone in russia for 4 months now. Everyone has told me that she was a scam and would just take my money. We have been talking through email and on the phone. She wanted to come to Canada. And has gone to Moscow and got a visa but at customs she was told she needs Protected content dollars to show them before she can get on the plane. So I though ok this is where the scan part comes in. Now I have a lot of pictures she sent me and everything, wasn't sure so I asked her for a copy of her visa. Now I have never traveled before so I don't know what they look like or anything. I want you guys to help me. I'm not sending money untill I know for sure. When I get to my computer I will post a pic of the visa for everyone. What else can I do to make sure it's for real? Thanks everyone and sorry if I posted this in the wrong section

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