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Schengen work permit


Canada has various bilateral agreement with many Schengen countries where if you are under 35 you can get a working holiday work permit for one year. I'm wondering if I was to get a work permit in one of the Schengen countries, i.e. Denmark. I would be able to work and live in Denmark for the 12 months.

But as a Canadian, if I didn't have a Denmark work permit, I'd only be able to enter the Schengen Area of countries in Europe for up to 90 days.

Does anyone know if this 90 days is per country that is a part of the Schengen area or is it 90 days cumulative within the Schengen region?

If having a work permit in the Schengen area, does it allow an individual to stay in the Schengen area for more than 90 days outside of the country where I have a work permit for? i.e. I have a one year work permit for Denmark, can I visit Netherlands and stay there for 4 months as a visitor? Do I have to be cognizant of the 90 day rule when traveling in the Schengen area?

Your advice is appreciated! and many thanks in advance!

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