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Scotland vs England

Last Thursday, was the referendum in Scotland to decide if the scots wanted stay in or out of United-Kingdom. Now than the NO won in Scotland, it's a big relieve for London, than was afraid of losing Scotland. Now what gonna change in the future?

The english people never liked very much the scots, they think they are unfunny people, than they drink too much and for English people, in Scotland drinking is a sport, than they only eat fried and dying young of heart attack. But they forgot, than many things came from Scotland: the telephone, the television, the Tunnocks tea cake and the whisky, just to mention few. They have warrior genes of old wild tribes and they are very proud of that.

In the other direction, Scots who have English blood will never admit to it. For them, the English are stuck up, arrogant and weak. They are red-faced, bald nincompoops, silly people who don’t know when they’ve got it good. The English are not fun people, and they whine instead of doing what a Scot would do; just getting on and doing it, in the rain, with no boots. The further south an Englander comes from, the worse he is.

Londoners, much like Lisboetas, forget that the country, if not the world, doesn’t revolve around them.

Scots and English people, they will need learn to living together for long long time yet.

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