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Securing Human rights, responsibility of all.


Till today,thousands of Immigrants mostly from third world and China coming to US but on arrival they get busy in fulfilling American dream of mansion,motor car and mutual fund. I never see these immigrants are organizing,demonstrating for human rights ,democracy and independence of judiciary in their source country.

There was the famous case of quote and unquote the Chinese dissident who broke his leg in China trying to avoid capture by Chinese Police and took refuge in American Embassy and surreptitiously smuggled out of China by Hillary Clinton ,got a cozy apartment in NY University and I bet he petitioned and net worked for family reunion but never bothered to utter a single statement against Chinese government's atrocity on Falun Gong Chinese. What an imbecile hypocrite.
Even in this forum I do not see any native or Americanized Chinese voicing anger against Chinese Government.

It is not the responsibility of only the whites to secure human rights for blacks,browns or yellow people. It is the responsibility of all. No responsibility no rights, no free human rights. Everything has to be paid for. Freedom is not free.

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