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Selling a Car a Clash of Cultures : Bartering at it's best


I remember driving a Renault 20 from France to Nazareth, one of the best cars I had, with real bumpers that didn't flatten in a collision - electric windows - the real MaCoy......

I was leaving - I took the car to Upper Nazareth to a car market, and a Muslim man from one of the surrounding villages, agreed a price with me, and came the next day to collect it.

When he arrived he wanted to give me less than what we had agreed, a lesson in bartering.

After more squabbling he drove the car away, and handed over the money.

The next day he returned demanding his money back........

Fortunately by then I was staying in a convent hotel - he could not get in.

The next day we left.

Reflecting on this story, and with so many Expats here I thought it might be interesting to discuss bartering, buying and selling, and wondered what your perceptions of the process was in the Shuq and in society.....

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