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I lived 7 years of expatriation. Expatriated for a multinational company in Spain (Barcelona) and expat’ wife then Life Coach in South India (Chennai).

I became a Life Coach and have learnt Coaching, NLP and Transactional Analysis in India.

As a coach, I supported numerous French-speaking, Spanish-speaking and English-speaking expatriates as well as Indians.
I lived the difficulties of expatriate professional life, the cultural difference, but also the expat’ spouse’s loss of status, the cultural gap, the integration in expatriates’ communities, the incomprehensions …

So, I have decided to collect experiences of expatriations in order to write a book that will provide auto-coaching for both expatriates and their family and will give them the keys to transform their expatriation into a positive experience.

To make this book useful for the largest number of people, I invite you to share with me your own experiences by filling the form below.
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