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Share an apartment in Gelendzhik (Black Sea)

Hi guys!

If any of you would like to spend these post-lockdown days in close proximity from the gorgeous Black Sea and enjoy mountains I’ve got a good option for you. It’s budget friendly! These days the prices in tourist places are unreasonably high but this particular house we found is really good and reasonably priced. The landlord is not trying to simply earn money on tourists, he’s looking for good reliable people.

My sister, her husband and I are now in Gelendzhik (4 hours away from Krasnodar by bus, seaside). We found a great place to rent — a 4 bedroom apartment in a private house with lots of space, beautiful nature and very, very few people around. It’s outside the town in a village which is about Protected content from the town centre by bus.

The house is big and well built which means it’ll be cool in summer and warm in winter — stone outside and all wood inside, cosy and airy. It has three storeys, we want to rent the second one with 4 separate rooms (two of which have terraces and one even has a fireplace!). Kitchen is downstairs and is shared by all the guests. We’ve been in Gelendzhik for quite a while and seen lots of other budget friendly places, this particular one seems just great.

So now we’re looking for a person or a couple to share this apartment with.


WHO WE ARE: I’m Tibetan language teacher and interpreter. My sister has a small business, she works through Internet selling healthy food supplies. Her husband is an electrician. We practice healthy lifestyle, and are Buddhists. I’m the only one fluent in English, my sister can understand and speak a bit. Perfect situation for you if you want to practice Russian and at the same time be safe :) I can always help in case you need anything.

WHO WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Someone who leads healthy lifestyle and doesn’t drink alcohol (not even beer, not even a wee bit, sorry), and not a crazy meat eater (generally speaking meat if fine but we’d rather you don’t eat kilos of meat every day - it’s mainly about the smell, since the kitchen is shared). We are not vegetarians but tend to cook moderate amount of meat. Another condition is no noise and crowded parties.

LOCATION AND SURROUNDINGS: The house is located in Gelendzhik suburb called Shirokaya Schel (Широкая Щель), it takes Protected content by bus from the town centre. It’s not seaside therefore very, very quiet and private. The same bus which goes every hour will take you to the beach. The village is surrounded by mountains and feels very cosy and safe. The house is about Protected content walk from the bus station.
If you’ve ever heard about dolmens ( Protected content ) you’ll be delighted to know that they are close from that place. They give a really good vibe! We’ll be happy to show you around.

ACCOMMODATION: Big 3-storey house, the second one is the one we’re renting. You’ll have a separate room. Bathroom is shared with Protected content people (three of us and possibly our friend who might join us). Kitchen and dining room are on the first floor and are shared between the tenants of the second and third floor. There is an AC in the room. Although water in town is scarce in summer and is usually available at certain hours but here the landlord has his own well and water heater therefore no water problem.

TIMING: We’re planning to move in the next few days, perhaps a week or so from now. Therefore you can join us from around July, 10th onwards. Minimum duration of stay is 14 days, maximum — until the end of summer and may be even more.

RENT: Monthly rent is 10,000 Rub for one person or 12,000 for two. For those who stay less than a month we’ll discuss the price individually. If you’ll be willing to stay longer, from September onwards, the price might be reduced.

HOW TO GET TO GELENDZHIK: Low-cost Pobeda airlines flies to Krasnodar for Protected content . Train Moscow-Krasnodar or Moscow-Novorossiysk (a small city that is just an hour away from here) is around Protected content . You can get a bus Krasnodar-Gelendzhik, they go regularly.

If you have questions contact me by email Protected content or via WhatsApp Protected content . I can send you the photos of the house.

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