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Should marriage be reserved for a man/woman ?


What about same sex relationships?

One of the most controversial issues in the US today is whether to grant marriage to gay couples. The case is now in the Supreme Court.

Some argue that marriage is the natural order of union between a man and a woman and not between a man/man or woman/woman.

Another group argues that if two people love each other whether it is a man loving a man or a woman loving a woman, they should be allowed to marry.

Others say a civil ceremony is enough to recognize the gay couple's relationship as partners so they can be entitled to each other's goods and all the benefits granted a husband and wife, alive and at death.

The laws in the US as it stands today do not favor gay relationships. If one partner dies the other partner is not entitled to be recognized as the signifiant other in the relationhip and therefore not entitled to goods, property the couple shared or federal government benefits for married couples.

What are your thoughts on this sensitive issue? Should gay couples be granted marriage?

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