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Social and Economic Impact of Stress

There was a huge coverage of stress, its causes, symptoms and impact on our society in the Evening Standard on Wednesday and I thought I would like to get your opinion on stress. Do you feel stress - at home or at work? Do you feel increased or increasing stress due to the economic situation?

"According to new figures from the Health and Safety Executive intolerable office hours and excessive work demands triggered around 96,800 cases of anxiety or depression-related illness last year in London.

Stress is fast replacing backache as the number one cause of sick leave. The HSE reveals that more than 1.6 million working days are lost every year as a result of illness. This is not just physical but also mental illness.

And at least 16.7 per cent of workers — 617,520 — complain that their job is “extremely stressful”. The cost of all this absenteeism to the economy? An eye-watering £4 billion a year nationally."

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