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Hello Dear Members,

my name is ARINA and I live in Kiev.I am member of Kievs ANIMALS PROTECTION ORGANISATION and also WSCPA UK. Its not a secret how Ukrainian government treats stray animals- they just brutally kill them on the streets in front of children and sometimes people also suffer, or they keep them in a state shelter where they die from hunger and abuse(we call such shelter- a concentration camp). WE_ VOLUNTEERS fight againts animals abuse in Ukraine. Tanara Tarnavska(worl famous journalist) is a leader of the organisation and also THE OWNER OF a PRIVATE SHELTER WITH Protected content animals that she saved and gave another chance. Dear Ex-PATS!!! We ask for your ANY SUPPORT, OF ANY KIND (charity,help to fight against abuse, visit and help in the shelter etc..). Please call and visit us- Tamara will be always happy to talk to you.LETS NOT BE INDIFFERENT to our small brothrs. They are so abused here and we try to stop it and become a civilized society. Contact me Protected content THANKS.

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