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(SPAIN) Digital Nomad Visa Question for MBAStudent

Hi folks,

I just graduated with my MBA from a top-tier business school in Madrid and am looking for ways to stay in Spain as much as possible, while also taking advantage of the tax reduction scheme available to qualifying foreigners.

I was initially exploring the Beckham Law option, but now also keen to know more about the new digital nomad visa that Spain just approved.
My question is whether I am eligible for either of these as online searches all seem to say only those who have not been Spanish residents in the last Protected content qualify.

I've been living and studying here in Madrid for just over a year now on a student visa--does that disqualify me? For reference, I have a NIE but never worked here. The thing is, I thought I'd read online somewhere that the student visa isn't REALLY a residence like the other (working, HQ worker, NLV, entrepreneurship etc) residencies. That even if I had earned money from a company during say, an internship, that it doesn't count as a salary, but rather a stipend.

I have yet to secure a job either way, but knowing the above would allow me to know whether I should focus my efforts on job hunting more in the US, or in Spain.

Anyone have any insight or tips on this?


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