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Sri Lanka – Cleaning out with human blood.

Finally terrorism is wiped out from Sri Lanka according to President Rajapakshey. While complimenting him for his determination to eliminate terrorism it is now his responsibility to prove that the country doesn’t need terrorism to resolve the pinching issues. The common man need to be taken into confidence that with out guerilla war issues can be sorted out. All now needed is a healing touch.

Sri Lanka after all have no much diversity to handle with and if the Government with same determination integrate its own people and remove all apprehension of minority Tamils it will not have to fight same menace time and again.

It is a beautiful country with plenty of opportunities which can be evenly enjoyed by both communities together. Tamils have shed plenty of blood so far and respecting that as sacrifice for the same country, now they should work together for the better future of unified and prosperous Lanka.

Giving humanity a chance will be the new challenge for both lion and tiger which represented Sinhalese and Tamils respectively.

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