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Sri Lanka for the holidays

Hello all,

I am mainly active in the Manama, Bahrain thread, but I hoped you all could offer some insight.

I am traveling to Sri Lanka for a few weeks in December on through to the first of January. I normally travel solo, but this time some people I know are also going to be there, so we teamed up to save some money. They are pool and spa people, while I am hike and explore people. So I am not always staying with them so I can go off and have some adventure on my own. I enjoy walking/hiking, historical sites, nature/scenery, and can always enjoy a nice cool drink or 6.

We will start in and near Kandy for about a week and have a few things we can all do, but suggestions are welcome.

Then over Christmas we will be in Balapitiya - and they are all poolside with no plans.

Finally we are all going to be just south of Galle for the New Year, where they all want to remain poolside.

Nothing against them and their wants - it's their vacation! But I would not be able to stay sane just laying near a pool for that long.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions on where and what to do!

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