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Starting with a destination in mind

When you are going on a journey you usually don´t just go. You will start with a desire, a wish, perhaps a necessity. You´ll take into consideration the time, your budget, people who might join you. You will think about what you want to achieve, experience, explore. And you will want to ensure a long lasting effect of satisfaction.
There will be a whole set of questions you will answer yourself either consciously or at an unconscious level.
Now you have stated a goal, a destination, a vision.

The next step is to decide which vehicle will take you there. Is it going to be a very personal step-by-step journey all by yourself, or the super-speed-first-class-air-jet with all your friends?

Most likely it will be something in between.

Would you agree, that you take quite some time and energy to make your holiday, the best time of the year?

Why not use the same energy and effort in planning your future career?

If you want to move onwards within the company or make your first steps in your own business efficient planning and, more important even, a clear vision give you the head start.

Let me share with you some questions that might give you a frame and direction in which to start your personal journey into success.

What are three important goals for you at the moment?
What does it mean to you and for you to accomplish these goals?
What have these goals in common?

What would it mean to you, not to reach them?
What could prevent you from going there?
Why could it keep you from achieving your desire?

Why is it important to you to achieve this outcome?
And for what purpose?

Who would be involved in the process?
Who would be effected by your progress?
How does it feel, having started the process of actualizing these goals already?

Going into the future 3 months from today - looking back, which three major steps have you already meade in the process of achieving what you desire to do, be or become in your future starting now?

Answer these questions carefully and honestly to yourself and watch your vision unfold right under your eyes. :-)

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