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Stereotyping: Positives and negatives


1. Have you ever been stereotyped? alienated in society? In any way: good or bad?
2. Was it because where you come from or who you are?
3. How you dealt with it? what/who helped you?
4. Did it affect your life? (Work, socialising etc.)
5. What kind of stereotypes do you know about yourself and the people from your country?? do you agree with it? why??
6. Do you think Mass Media have/had big influence on stereotyping people?
7. Do you think many people blindly follow the mob without looking at the problem from their point of view? why?
8. Do you see any positives in being stereotyped or in stereotypes? maybe some of them are actually funny? what is it?
9. Have you ever been embarrassed to say where you come from because of the stereotypes which has been spread so you were a bit scared that they wont like you?

I'm doing the research for my 3rd year uni project about stereotyping people from different countries, nations etc. and would love to see your opinions.

Thank you for your time:)

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