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Suicide - a dead end for one, a rescue for others?


South Korea's ex-prez Roh Moo-Hyun joins Kurt Cobain, Hunter Thompson, Vince Foster, Marylin Monroe, Eva Braun, Diana Churchill, Cleopatra, Di Xin, Sigmund Freud, Ernest and Margaux Hemingway, Jim Jones & Protected content , Vincent van Gogh, and countless less-known people that chose to end their own lives (source of several listed names: Protected content .

With the suicide of a public figure we see massive media attention and likely many 'experts' called in for commentary, statistics and analysis.

Most importantly, resources to help people feeling suicidal will be mentioned.

One such resource can be found at this link;
Protected content

Expats, living far from home, friends and family may feel very much alone in times of need.

If the help available from the link above helps just one person choose to live, then this thread has served its purpose.


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