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Super-Sarko or Sarkozy nouveau - who do you prefer?

Who do you like better, the old, cocky, "bling-bling" Super-Sarko or the humble, so-called "Sarkozy nouveau" who admits his mistakes?

Some quotes:

"I can see people's annoyances very clearly, but I know where I'm going. I know very well that there is no other strategy. The disappointment would be ever bigger ... if I stopped just because high school pupils or unions were not happy."

Despite concern within his own camp that the government should prioritise certain reforms instead of shaking everything up at once, Sarkozy insisted he would reform on all fronts. He said he had already launched "55 reforms". He also reiterated his hard line on illegal immigrants and said he would hold a referendum on Turkey's entry to the European Union.

While polls show only 28% of French people believe Sarkozy's presidency is going in the right direction, 11.7 million people tuned into the interview last night, less than previous record-breaking figures.
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Only 28% of the French think he's going the right way? And that after only 1 year... what's your opinion?
To me it's still the same content just with different packaging.

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