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Survey on intercultural competence

Hi! I'm an associate professor and researcher in the field of intercultural management at University de Savoie, France. Within a research project concerning intercultural competence, I'm currently doing a questionnaire-based survey. It would be very helpful if many people, especially expats and global minds, participated in the survey. Here is the link:
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The survey in not short... answering it might take you about 15 minutes. But maybe you'll find the questions interesting or even funny to think about. You can chose between English, French, German and Portuguese versions of the survey. Your answers are completely anonymous. Please answer frankly and spontaneously, without doing complementary research. It is important that you go on to the last page and click on "submit". Your participation would be very helpful to gain better insights into these subjects!
Feel free to ask other people to answer the survey as well, if you want to.
If you have any questions, please ask! If you want me to send you the results of this study, please send me your e-mail adresse. Thanks in advance and best regards,
Anne Bartel-Radic

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